mercoledì 5 settembre 2018

Where dreams come true

(Fontecchio clock tower)

There is a question that every time people who come in my laboratory ask me:  "But you, with this job, can earn money?". Now, let us fly over the fact that it could  be my business, but what does "earn money" mean?

Why can not it be a job like any other? Why can a job that passionate us can not be called work?

I give you some news: I have made of my passion a job and I did it in a time when money dictates the times of each day and where the needs are created by the great lobbies that govern the world, a time when talking about resilience can seem like mere utopia. Well, it's not like that.

(Pescomaggiore village)

If you belong to that category of people who can only breathe from 1 kilometer away from the big cities and you are ready for anything, you will have the opportunity to perform the daily acrobatics for the bread in a frame that already is a reward in itself, moreover you will have the possibility to be supported by a network of human relationships that becomes more dense just where the population is less dense.

A paradox? I don't think so; when i's easy to count each other because on it's just a few, each counts more. This is why in recent times more and more young people, but also whole families, have chosen these small places for a better quality of life. More complicated, perhaps, but who said that choices must necessarily be easy?

Now that the market is versatile and flexible and offers work contracts that expire before the yogurt we have in the fridge and weeks made of eight days and four jobs all together, the return to the origins searching for a slower lifestyle it's a stronger temptation.

I did it.

I slowed down,I opened my drawer of desires, I elaborated, planned and decided to start a new adventure that would combine my passion for respect and care of the environment, to my being "yarn juggler" and I gave him a name "I campi di mais" (in English it means "Cornfield"...but in Italian is more romantic!💚).

It's my life, it's a place where I can tell stories that can fill the spaces left empty by the frenzy that has invaded the lives of all of us and where I can give voice to silent memories and give new life to unused capacities from time.

With my creations I like to re-emerge stories that envelop people who listen to me and warm them like a soft cape.

In the coming weeks I will be happy to help you discover this colorful world as rich in stories and meanings, good reading.

(This article was published in the weekly column "Le vie della lana" of the Abruzzo's  newspaper "Il Centro") 

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